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It's true. No one can love you until you love yourself.

I feel wonderful. Hopeful, confident, and calm.

Life is good.
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Don't you love a movie that changes your life a little bit more every time you watch it? I know I do.
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Well, I finished the preliminary narrowing-down of my grad school search list.

Was: 143 (I added some) schools in 11 states

Is: 24 schools in 8 states (goodbye Washington, Oregon, and Vermont)

Only 4 public schools in Texas offer my master's program--UT Brownsville, Texas Woman's University, University of Houston, and Texas A&M Commerce.

Now on to narrowing it down even further...
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"It'll all work out"

I may have completely screwed up my entire future (I'm not even kidding), and I'm completely calm.

Man, I've come a long way.

My life is on hold until Monday.
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Waiting for my study partner to show up so that maybe I'll have a chance of actually passing my math final...

Soooo much has been going on.

*New job. SO excited about it, but also nervous, because I really have no idea what the crap I'm doing. But I'm looking forward to challenging myself and furthering my leadership skills. It's gonna take a lot out of me, but hopefully the sane hours will make up for that.

*My schedule in the fall is crazy. One class Monday night, 3 classes back to back (40 minutes in between) on Tuesday from about 11 am-8 pm, one class Wednesday afternoon, one Wednesday night, one Thursday morning, one Thursday night, none on Friday.

*Praying I passed the THEA test with the scores I need. Could the US Postal Service BE any slower?!

*Really hoping this thing doesn't get screwed up. I know that I'm gonna have to completely break myself and be reassembled, but that's a good thing. This needs to happen. I've learned so much about me in the past 2 weeks that I'm reeling. Has it really only been 2 weeks?

*Looking forward to being at home for a month. It'll be a month of relaxing, recovering (tonsils are coming out), scrapbooking, and probably quite a bit of pressure. But it'll be worth it in the end.

*My grades will not be that great this semester. I missed too much class and had no energy to do anything, due to being sick. I go back to the Health Center tomorrow for the 10th time this semester. Yeah, you read that right. 10. I went in Friday for a follow-up/why-does-my-throat-still-hurt-after-I've-been-on-antibiotics-for-a-month-now appointment, and complained that I've been feeling really tired lately, and I want an iron test to see if I'm anemic. Mom also wants my blood sugar tested for diabetes, and they decided to throw in thyroid, too. So I had to go back in yesterday to get 2 vials of blood taken (after a killer final, after not being able to eat breakfast), and I go back tomorrow for the results. So we'll see. I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

*Almost lost one of my best friends. Everyone keeps telling me that if he treated me that way, he's not a friend. But what they don't understand is that I need us to be OK. I can't handle it right now if we're not. And I know what I did was right.

*My brother is 3rd in his class. I cannot begin to describe how proud I am of him.

*I'm ready for this semester to be over. And I can't wait til Sunday. Good luck on finals everyone!!!!

Man, I need to talk to Bri...
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3 things I absolutely love at this very moment in time:

3. SudaCare Shower Soother tablets (FANTASTIC invention!)

2. FREE LAUNDRY DAY!!!!! (I've already done half of my 8 loads--I haven't done laundry in a while, OK?)

and finally...

1. Knowing that on Saturday, I'll be at a housewarming barbecue for my aunt and uncle, with my entire family. This will be the first time since New Year's Eve that I've been home for more than 15 hours.
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20 Years Ago:
1. helping my daddy celebrate his first birthday as a father (35!)
2. living in the house in dallas (yes, i'm a natural born texan)
3. being adored as the first grandchild on one side and the first granddaughter on the other :P

15 Years Ago:
1. we move from seattle back to texas (i'm bitter towards my parents for another good 5 or 6 years)
2. i start kindergarten at the school in my hometown; after that, we move out to the country and i start (and end) school there
3. i develop my first crush--grant parrish. it lasts for several years :P

10 Years Ago:
1. ugh, awkwardness. i'm smarter, taller, and darker-haired than every girl in my class.
2. my mom's dad and stepmother come to visit and give me a ring that i've worn every day since
3. mom (the eternal cat person) breaks down and agrees that my brother can have a dog for his 8th birthday--sally. she died about 7 years later after ingesting anti-freeze. :(

5 Years Ago:
1. freshman year of high school; so begins me being eternally involved in school stuff
2. i have a crush on a senior who later becomes one of my best friends
3. i consider going into catering as a career

4 Years Ago:
1. i got my acceptance letter for the scholarship to gato and my life is changed forever (*because i knew you...*)
2. i get the lead in 'personal effects', our one-act play, and i'm in love
3. brittney becomes the best friend i've been missing all my life (we barely speak anymore)

3 Years Ago:
1. for the first time, i have a date for homecoming--patrick disney. you should've seen the jealous looks i got...
2. colin is my junior prom date :)
3. i get my first C--physics

2 Years Ago:
1. i start getting real sick of playing the game that was my high school; so i pretty much stop, and i'm somewhat shunned for the remainder of my senior year
2. i am named valedictorian of my graduating class. i realize now it wasn't worth what i gave up to get it.
3. i get my first kiss, fall in love, am proposed to, get my heart broken, become the 'other woman', and lose the best friend i've ever had

1 Year Ago:
1. wind up in the hospital due to a bad case of food poisoning, and realize how loved i really am
2. get my first job--lectures & debates director of ex.c.e.l. i still remember waiting for the phone call from kelly with mandey.
3. i attend leadershape and my life is changed. i meet great people, reconnect with an old friend, discover what i'm passionate about, and am reminded that God knows what He's doing with my life.

1 Week Ago:
1. i forgot to do my trabajo escrito for spanish. the week is off to a great start.
2. composite pictures for ex.c.e.l. on a bad hair day. fabulous.
3. interviewed by the school newspaper. i'm not misquoted, thank goodness.

1. one month
2. grey's anatomy :)
3. did my dishes

1. was forced to wear a hat (something i just have this thing with--i hate stuff on my head)
2. found out i may be running for education constituency council president--eek!
3. touched nick's butt

1. talent show auditions
2. teacher career day
3. might stop by the library's program with a children's book illustrator
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